Members and Fora




Membership of INCODIR is divided to;


Partners, Regional Authorities, Court ADR experts and Adjudicators




Partners: Are the ADR experts (Adjudicators) responsible for the Fora, as each partner is responsible for his forum.


As stated by Article 4 of INCODIR Constitution "Each partner in the court shall be responsible of his Forum, and he shall have power to do anything which it may consider appropriate for the proper performance of The Court functions in his region, and in particular:

a. Advertise for the court in the way he sees appropriate.

b. Formulate the appointing authority in his region (Regional Authority).

c. Formulate list(s) for ADR experts to be appointed in disputes in his region.

d. Decide the administrative fees, in his region, for filing a dispute to the court, and decide who should bear these fees, i.e. the client or the expert.

e. Be the Seal holder of the court's seal in his region.

f. Speaks in the name of the court in his region."


Regional Authority: Are the Adjudicators in a forum whom responsible for appointing the ADR experts in the disputes in their region.


As stated by Article 5 of INCODIR Constitution "Each Regional Authority shall be responsible of the following;

a. To act as appointing authority in any case where an agreement provides for appointments of the ADR experts by the INCODIR.

b. To perform the functions conferred on it by any applicable rules of arbitration, mediation, conciliation, or adjudication.

c. To make recommendations to the Partners as appropriate concerning the performance of the court."


The Court ADR Experts and Adjudicators: Are the ADR experts and the Adjudicators listed on the Court's lists, and who are to be appointed in disputes by the Court.


The Court's Model Laws Drafting Committee INCODIR MLDC: Acts as a Permanent Committee for Drafters of International Model Laws, its members shall be appointed in the Model Laws Working Parties that INCODIR form to draft Model Laws.


If you wish to be added to one of the court ADR experts' and Adjudicators' lists, please contact the ADR Expert responsible of the Court Forum in your jurisdiction.




The Court Fora


1- Australia Forum

Presided by: Chandrika Subramaniyan  









2- Bulgarian Forum

Presided by: Maya Stoyanova








3- England Forum







4- German Forum








5- Indian Forum

Presided by: Arunachala Baskaran






6- Italy Forum

Presided by: Giovanni Matteucci








7- Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Forum

Presided by: Medhat El-Banna

MENA Forum's Official Facebook Page:

MENA Forum's Representative Office in Iraq Quasi-Official Facebook Page:

(IMPORTANT: If any contradiction is to be found between the "MENA Forum Page" and "Iraq Page", obey only "MENA Forum Page" NOT "Iraq Page".)


- MENA Forum's Representative Office in Iraq

-- Iraq Representative Office is Presided by Ibrahim Gharbi, "On the Behalf of Medhat El-Banna, the President of the MENA Forum"






8- Netherlands Forum







9- North America Forum




10- Spanish Forum

Presided by: María Jesús Fernández Cortés







11- West Africa Forum

Presided by: Akintola Yusuf Oladapo